Our partners help us build bridges that connect individuals across trade associations, technology solutions and business owners.

Technology Partners

We are continually joining forces with new technology partners as we strive to network the world's inventory

Premier Partners

TrackFly has established close business relationships with the following partners to strategically align business objectives for the benefit of the retail supply chain.


TrackFly’s partnership with Lightspeed ensures up-to-date connectivity between our systems. This provides suppliers with a near real-time picture of inventory and sales across all their Lightspeed retailers. It also enables retailers to view their competitive market position in ways not available before. TrackFly and Lightspeed are pleased to offer TrackFly customers 20% off a Lightspeed subscription as a part of this partnership. Sign up here!

Automated Data Exchange Partners

TrackFly is able to exchange data through the following systems via TrackFly's own proprietary integration protocols.

Trade Partners

We are establishing partnerships with industry associations to help them better serve their communities through modern data exchange


TrackFly's partnership with AFFTA provides rich industry reporting cabilities that will serve AFFTA members and AFFTA's conservation efforts with local and federal entities.

Learn more about our partnership, including benefits and savings for your business.

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