TrackFly + AFFTA

Supporting manufacturers and retailers to usher in a new level of collaboration, partnership, and growth.

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A New Vantage Point

AFFTA and TrackFly have partnered to bring AFFTA members a new and more in depth reporting system that uses aggregated industry data from fly fishing retailers to produce reports, dashboards, and a more accurate picture of the economy of fly fishing. Join AFFTA today!

Enhanced Industry Reports

AFFTA will create and distribute industry reports with the following enhancements:

    - Move from a single dealer survey report to a semi-annual industry census report
    - More confident and thorough reporting by obtaining data directly from retailer systems
    - Industry-wide product and retail categorization to enforce a new level of accurate comparisons across the industry and its geography
    - More expansive and inclusive opportunities for participation from retailers across the industry

Additional Benefits

Through this partnership AFFTA members will also enjoy the following benefits


Invite your retailer network to collaborate on improving product performance, limiting stock-outs by adjusting future orders, and leveraging insights to make business-critical decisions.

Provide your product catalog as an accurate source of validation and reporting. Maintain full control of your product information and which products are tracked.

AFFTA Member Benefits
    - Free access to semi-annual industry trend report
    - Free live brand-specific dashboard to monitor brand metrics across industry
    - 15% discount to TrackFly Premium Reporting


View your performance versus anonymized data from other stores in your region and nationally. See which products are trending, and where you can make adjustments. Collaborate with manufacturers to make sure you’re always stocked with their fastest moving products.

No matter what systems you use to run your business, TrackFly enables you to connect to our system and the industry. From modern APIs, to a simple spreadsheet, we can support it.

AFFTA Member Benefits
    - Free access to semi-annual industry trend report
    - Free live retailer-specific dashboard: measure store performance compared to industry metrics
    - Free TrackFly Enhanced Retailer Reporting; including key retailer trends and analytics

“Helping to track trends and aid our businesses in making informed decisions is one of the highest priorities of the trade association. We believe that this partnership with TrackFly will afford us that opportunity in the biggest way possible. Knowing that we are going to produce more real-time and accurate reports for our members using automated data feels like a major step into the future.”
Lucas Bissett - Executive Director - AFFTA