Unlock accurate supply chain visibility to even your smallest retail partners.

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Supplier Solutions

Unlock Lean Operations

• Access ground level supply chain visibility for even the smallest retailers

• Harness comprehensive data for agile forecasting

• Monitor consumer trends through every channel

Be Proactive in Your Sales

• Track and update forecasts according to the most recent demand trends

• Collaborate with underperforming retailers

• Turn your sales team into inventory pros through data-backed product recommendations

Develop More Targeted Marketing

• Create targeted campaigns with real-time promotion tracking

• Access ground-level retailer inventory visibility

• Unlock agile performance testing for all advertisements, promotions, and campaigns.

Supplier Features

Optimize business operations with your entire retailer network

Inventory Visibility

See what is currently available at every retail location right now. No phone calls or store visits necessary.

Inventory History

Don’t just see everything, see the history of everything.

Market Share Reports

Deliver powerful reports that will offer a comprehensive view of your brand's market share in the industry.


Instantly discover headwinds and tailwinds to boost your brand’s proactivity.


Unlimited users, invite your friends!

Data Connections

Get the data where you need it with open APIs and file transmission processes.

Retailer Solutions

Accurately Predict Inventory Needs

• Instantly get a pulse on your product sales and immediate inventory challenges.

• Confidently forecast seasonality demand based on industry-level trends in your region.

• Access consumer purchase trends to discover new in-demand products.

Optimize Your Store’s Profitability

• Reduce promotions that cut into your margins.

• Access top-performing products in the industry to enhance your negotiating power with brand partners.

Retailer Features

Track your store, and every store around you

Anonymized Trends

See anonymous performance activity in the industry across the nation and in your region.


Gain a more comprehensive view of inventory needs and product sale trends that support your business decisions.


Instantly access a single source of truth for every performance detail you’ll want to know about in your store.


NO LIMIT! That’s right, you’re entire team can access TrackFly’s tools to become more informed and self-reliant.

Data Connections

We have several retail systems integrated into TrackFly’s platform including Shopify, Lightspeed, and many others while adding more every year.

Data Controls

You have complete control over your data and who can see it.

“Helping to track trends and aid our businesses in making informed decisions is one of the highest priorities of the trade association. We believe that this partnership with TrackFly will afford us that opportunity in the biggest way possible. Knowing that we are going to produce more real-time and accurate reports for our members using automated data feels like a major step into the future.”
Lucas Bissett - Executive Director - AFFTA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, we get these from time to time.

Pricing for suppliers is based on connection count. We distinguish between distributors (yep, we connect with distributors) and retailers / dealers / shops. Give us a ring and we can chat specifics.

Something else you should know. If you don't think this is the right time, but may be interested in the future, then just send us your product catalog. We'll start collecting inventory data and joining it to your catalog right away! Then, when you are ready, you won't have to wait for it to pile up. You'll be ahead of the curve. Who wants to see blank dashboards anyways?

We love our retailers! We always ensure that retailers can get started with key analytics for FREE.

Trade associations love you too. With select active trade association memberships, you can also access our premium benchmarking analytics for free.

You probably saw our partnership with AFFTA, right? Yes, we can give you special access to see high-level data for your industry from which you can make special industry reports. Forget surveying everyone. Get everything you need in one place. Did I mention the data is real-time as well? We don't like lousy outdated data. Drop us a line and let's discuss.

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